(SOLD OUT)SCAR O19: Flesh Coffin "Seeing Things" c-30 50 copies

A harsh noise soundtrack derived by the ominous and bleak stillness of the shadows in the Norwegian winter woods.

-Hand numbered edition of 50 copies.
-Dubbed on white chrome and black cassettes with color sticker facings.
-7.25 x 7.25 artwork housed in 7'ep sleeve bag.

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“Seeing Things” is a harsh noise entry by Flesh Coffin, and while this cassette doesn’t do much to deviate from a pretty typical harsh noise sound, “Seeing Things” has a nice dichotomy between cold, unrelenting harsh noise and lonely, isolationist ambient music going for it. While I feel like the juxtaposition of these two unlikely genres could have been exploited to a much greater extent on “Seeing Things”, the use overall is effective and creates a suitable contrast between the styles.
While the harsh noise of “Seeing Things” tends to get muddled in places, there are some sections of this album that are absolutely, uncompromisingly raw and blistering. Junk metal abuse combined with brutal feedback create an unrelenting and unforgiving harsh noise obliteration that strips raw any sort of musicality involved, which may play into the later juxtaposition of ambient music. Synthy tones lay hidden beneath the assault. The harsh sounds don’t do much in terms of variety with Part Three being the exception. That track takes on more of a higher frequency sound mixed with lower bass-y rumbles to create a pissed off, alienating effect.
Of course, the most poignant part of “Seeing Things” is the ambient parts. The first ambient section takes place at the beginning of the album. The sudden transition into the section seems a little cliché in its unexpectedness, but it works out well. The same goes for the lonely ambient work that ends this album satisfyingly."
While nothing new, harsh noise fans will definitely find something to delve into here.

"Flesh Coffin is none other than Andreas Brandal from Bergen, Norway and has also been a veteran of extreme music for over two decades and here he gives us a 4 part harsh noise interpretation of a Norwegian winter.
Part 1: This one starts off with a muddy pool of oozing sounds that almost appear to be like jarbled speech…it’s completely insane. The source sounds are more than likely field recordings, audio clips, and other thing that were natural at one time and are now literally melted and molded into this controlled chaos. There’s plenty of surprising amidst the repetitive atmosphere that keeps it abstract and unmusical, but completely brilliant and compelling. This guy really knows what he’s doing and crafts the noise into something beyond description and dissection, it even ends with a nice Tagerine Dream synth wash (?), it just flipped on me and it never felt uncomfortable.
Part 2: Here we have serious low-end rumbling audio violence, it’s like the audio equivalent of being caught in the black smoke after an massive explosion or fire. You can’t breathe, you can’t see, you have no idea of what the hell has just happened and the sound hover and swirl around you like they’re trying to suffocate you. Somewhere along the way, underneath the mix comes echoing and drawn out militaristic vocal bit and pieces that appear and disappear just as quickly. The way the tracks each unfold into these constantly morphing entities is simply jaw dropping.
Part 3: Part 3 starts out again in full assault with dense violent sonic fuzz, screeching, and these really warped vocal clips that sound like people crying out for help in a swarm of chaos. This track is pure power electronic slaughter and less experimental then the others, but a great way to give the listener some massive ear and brain trauma.
Part 4: The way the sounds are modulated and manipulated, they’re almost fluid like the violent winds of an arctic winter blizzard that suddenly clears into this stark and peaceful ambient synth that reminds me of more ambient Biosphere drones. You might want to get clearance form a mental health professional before and after experiencing Flesh Coffin as it’ll undoubtedly have some lasting effect on your psyche."

"This is all destruction. Flesh Coffin's "seeing things" sounds like the inside of a tornado. Broken metal lawn furniture, giant uprooted trees, millions of shards of glass all swirl around you. It's unrelenting and intense until you get a short break. Things feel like they have settled, like you could try to gather your belongings. Then it hits again. It's pretty tough. This c30 is an excellent example of No Visible Scars' output. It's harsh, unsettling, and focused. Packaged in their usual 7" sleeve with full color inserts."

"Excellent stuff. As grim and frostbitten as it gets."

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