Vestal Claret sold out "Lost Loved Ones EP" FREE DOWNLOAD!

Download the sold out "Lost Loved Ones EP" plus bonus covers tracks
for free! Special permission granted by Phil Swanson(Vestal Claret) to circulate this EP once more, this time via a free download with the inclusion of unreleashed cover songs!

-Final farewell Vestal Claret recording.

-Features the vocals of Phil Swanson(Upwards of Endtime, Seamount, , Hour of 13, Briton Rites, NightBitch)

-Anti-Christian, Occult, Satanic heavy metal.

-This EP features the material which was planned for the split vinyl LP with Hour Of 13th. Re-mixed and mastered and pressed on c-52 red chrome 24Cr tapes.Exclusive to this free download are 3 covers songs from: Thelema, Skin Yard, and Lubricated Goat.

-Orignal tape release was October of 2009. Limited to 100 copies and packaged a Vestal Claret 1' pin and 4X4 patch

NightBitch "Sex And Magic" EP cassette coming in September through NoVisible Scars! Free promo download here:

(SOLD OUT)SCAR O12: Poison Tongue "Lick You Sweety" c-34 50 Copies

Side project from Pink Sexdeath member:
Sexual witching occult industrial! Inspired by Havohej, Von, Fulci and Giallo films. Musicially comes off as a mixture of Beherit's non-metal compositions, Atrax Morgue, Steel Hook Prosthesis and Goblin soundtracks! 50 dubbed cassettes. 7.25 x 7.25 artwork housed in a 7'ep sleeve. Black chrome cassettes with 4 different colored sticker facings. Hand numbered card also included.

$8(world wide).


Copies also can be purchased from:

Malignant Records

Hells Head Bangers

Crucial Blast


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Anything that describes itself as being influenced by "bad weed, solitude, Von's demos and Goblin's soundtracks" is sure to be a hit around the C-Blast office. This new one-man band came into being with the intent to fuse together the most morbid side of death industrial with the filthiest of the early 90s black metal camp (Von, Profanatica, Beherit, Archgoat), which sounds like a match made in heaven where we're concerned; although the death industrial side of Poison Tongue is much more obvious than the black metal side (with much of this reminding us of Atrax Morgue), we still loved this tape, the first ever release from this side project from a member of the lust-driven power electronics gang Pink Sexdeath.
Actually, the black metal influences are pretty hard to miss, especially after listening to
Lick You a second time. The tape opens with a booming kettledrum cadence that echoes across a smoldering field of staticky synth drones and looped demonic mutterings and vomitous croaks, this charred black ambience laced with strange chiming sounds, bursts of bass flutter echoing through the subterranean abyss, distant wailing choruses, and sheets of slowly shifting keyboard drone, but as distorted synthesizer chords pulse beneath the metallic drones, the drooling demonic vokills that start to emerge turn this into something like hearing a Slaughter Productions death industrial tape with Nuclear Holocausto from Beherit invoking sex demons over it. From here, it continues on through a miasma of grinding black sludge, harsh high end drones and orgasmic beast-grunts; towards the end of the second side, these massive spaced out eruptions of thunderous blastage and barely-there drift suddenly give way to a hammering percussive rhythm, while blackened shrieks soar over the nightmarish industrial pounding. When the last track arrives, the sound shifts into a swirling stygian ambience, shrill metallic keening and eerie minor key darkness pooling out within clouds of noxious black smoke, abrasive streaks of fx pedal afterburn, and mutated, murky pipe organ dirge.
We're advising those of you into anything from Mortuor to Sewer Goddess to Havohej to Prurient to check into this thoroughly unhealthy debut from Poison Tongue. Like the RU-487 tape on No Visible Scars, this black chrome cassette also comes in a 7" style sleeve, with some unwholesome full color cover art and a small hand-numbered insert card. Limited to fifty copies.

"Lethal and addicting!!!! Make no mistake, this is one seriously dense horror narrative told through a power electronics format and with the coldness of the electronic whirs and clanks cunningly maneuvering through the haze of rumble and hums of bass toned feedback, and no other medium could capture this accurate of a slasher or insanity scenario. As each track plays out like the soundtrack to a scene in a psychological thriller you get to thoroughly experience the graphic stalking events of the maniac and the adrenalizing suspense as you would in watching a classic thrasher filmor reading a really great book on weird murders. Artists like Poison Tongue have the natural ability to create the most intimate and graphicly horrifying experiences that only can be understood through the experience of listening. I have to admit that my mind mine is completely thirsty for this album and seems to get thirstier after each listen.
Tracks like "The Lizard Lord", "Diabolos", and "Lust" build up the suspense as you travel through the inner workings of a derranged sexual sadist, complete with inaudible human voices in the distance that are either a result of delusions or are a display of how muddled his reality is, as his only true reality is his quest for inflicting excrutiating pain on others. The tracks seem to lead up to "interlude", which is a throbbing bassline, pulsing, ordered chaos...i.e. the absolute climax to where the flesh is finally severed and the perps sense of sadistic thrill hits it's maximum. The album then comes to a perfect close with an almost warm buzz and hum of the dark ambient on "Ripping".
Not everyone has the capacity to sit and watch and read some of the stuff that is depicted through sound on here, but thankfully I CAN and gladly do. Influenced by the great Giallo films and following in the blood trail left by the dark and brilliant works of acts like: Atrax Morgue, Navicon Torture Technologies, Steel Hook Prosthesis, Rasthof Dachau, and similar artists, Poison Tongue will deliver the stark post-industrial soundscapes and a massive mind fuck with it while walking the fraying tightrope over purely apocalyptic audio.
Released on classic black chrome C-30 casettes by one of the most gripping and promising labels in extreme audio, No Visible Scars,and packaged in a 7' EP sleeve these sounds will rip through you like a nice butchers blade through soft and still warm flesh.
Avaliable for purchase through Malignant Records and Hells Headbangers webstores (just click on thei logos at the top of the page and it'll direct you to those sites)or email NVS directly at: and they'll get back to you asap." Janet(Defecation On The Divine Radio)

"I don’t even know what to do with myself when I hear something this mind blowing, and I promise, there is no sarcasm here. I really, really love this cassette in so many ways. This is my first exposure to Poison Tongue which is a side project from one half of the noise group Pink Sexdeath. First off, the packaging is simple but also kind of awkward. Seven inch size artwork, which is cool but then the cassette is just thrown in the bag. Design looks great though and fits well with the sounds.

These tracks are like Mörder Machine for the 21st century. The compositional strategies aren’t too much different, repetitive low pounding, mangled and moaning vocals, synthesizer bass. There is a twisted ambience that also pervades each track that brings Lick You Sweety a step above most Mörder Machine knock-offs. The textures are metallic and shiny, tons of delay everywhere but tactfully employed and it never sounds generic.

Some of the effects here may sound a little digital but they have this saturation that works perfectly and the full range of frequency spectra is used effectively. The pacing is perfect and the tracks never feel too long or short. The general atmosphere reflects the cover – sickened death industrial and horror movie influence even as stated on the back cover: “Mixing my fave Giallo/Fulci soundtracks with ambient black metal, like Von, Havehej, Beherit mixed with Atrax Morgue, SHP, etc. etc. etc.”. This kind of undisclosed candidness is one that I really enjoy, and it strangely fits well with such an esoteric release.

I have to state once again, this release is just phenomenal. The production, the sound, the atmosphere, and add to these already solid aspects a hint of originality and pure depravity and this forms a perfect convergence. A must have for fans of Atrax Morgue, horror soundtracks, Mörder Machine, Brighter Death Now, or any of the classic death industrial giants. Get it quick cause this puppy is limited to a mere 50 copies!"

Lick You Sweety appears to feel comfortable dwelling in perversity. From the lewd cover art to the dark pools of rhythmic noise, Poison Tongue takes the listener on a dark path while varying the sound with blasts of noise, leaving the listener to lick their wounds.

“Diabolos” begins with an eerie, dark ambient drifter of a piece, with muffled bangs along with some synth-like tones that dwell throughout the song. At times deep spoken word will filter in, a fairly indecipherable poem that adds to the atmosphere without drowning out the tones. It’s a swift-moving piece for 8 minutes, and where at first the mood is somewhat bleak, Poison Tongue drops the bass and windy moans for a more upbeat ending. “Diabolos” is a suitable name, as the drones showcase a fairly bleak environment perfect for Hell.

The dark ambience of “Diabolos” continues with “Sweet Desire,” this time with a similar background drone but with a perversity missing on the opener. Full of buzzing electronic outbursts and cackling dark growls in the darkness of the noise, “Sweet Desire”‘s impact comes directly from its themes and the unsettling vocals, along with the chiming sound of a distorted clock ticking away the hours. This is an excellent track to follow up with, and again, the witchery of the sound draws the listener into the shadows.

“Lust” is a short but intense track to end side A of the tape, beginning with a lilting buzz, some foreshadowing blasts, and then a noisy blast of screamed vocals and harsh noise. It’s somewhat out of place after the longer, drifting ideas of the previous tracks, but this also seems the point – a surprise shock to the senses before the tape flips for three more disturbing cuts. ”The Lizard Lord,” while being the longest track on the album, maintains similar ideas but incorporates some of the harsher noises of “Lust,” like screamed vocals along with blasts of static and crunchy tone shifts. It’s not too much different from the textures of the first two tracks, but it does follow the motifsLick You Sweety carries.

“Interlude” seems to provide the same type of intercession as “Lust,” breaking up the drone of the album with a fast-paced, bassy and pounding rhythm that’s very similar to power electronics, with manipulated and distorted vocals on top. It does its job well, shifting out of the monotony of the other songs just long enough to jump back into the ambience with “Ripping.” Featuring whirring tones underneath some higher end feedback tones and a horror-soundtrack synth line, “Ripping” differs from the deep dark mood of the other tracks by providing a welcome change in pitch.

Lick You Sweety is mainly focused on the dark ambient genre, with repetitious but rhythmic drones mixed with elements of horror soundscapes. Some of the tracks seem rather similar, but Poison Tongue manages to infuse different types of noise in the tracks to foster a sense of individuality; however, tracks like “Lust” and “Interlude” manage to improve the release by giving listeners a chance to leave the meandering drones for quick blasts of harsher noise. If these cuts weren’t on the tape, Lick You Sweety could have gotten stale; fortunately, that’s not the case here, and the C34 doesn’t lose steam except for perhaps a few moments on “The Lizard Lord.”

"I wasn't sure what to expect from this tape release. (The review copy I had was on a CDr.) I was sure this was some sort of goth/alternative rock type of thing, what with the rather cutesy title and everything. But this turned out to be another well-done dark-ambient piece.
The first track reminds me of "Bad Jack" by Intrinsic Action except spacier and with a nice synth drone at the end. By the second track the Intrinsic Action influence continues with some hint of Brighter Death Now. There is quite a bit of reverb and delay on the vocals.

Side two and the long piece "the Lizard Lord" (whatever they're talking about here) sounds a little messed up as though they hiked it up a bit in the red. No matter, there's quite a bit of interesting metallic clatter here, followed by a drum-machine interlude. The final track "Ripping" is almost uplifting in a very foreboding way.

Poison Tongue could very well fit in with much of Cold Meat Industry's material. It's definitely not bad for a debut (at least I think it's their first tape.) For all you gravediggers and crypt-kickers out there having an appropriately Black Christmas..."

Lawrence J. Patti