Scar 038-Impenitent Thief​-​ cassette ep 2014

Witch Tomb has dissolved and has become Impenitent Thief. Bassist/vocalist Strep Cunt quit Witch Tomb hence the name change. Musically IT is a continuation of Witch Tomb. VON/PROFANATICA/ARCHGOAT style black metal.


Scar 037-Sgt. Rock​-​Demos Cassette Collection 1987

Crossover thrash/punkcore(ala SOD/CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER/THE ACCUSED/DRI/SLAUGHTER(CAN) featuring Stevo on bass/vocals(IMPETIGO) 

Collection includes: 
Sgt. Rock-(1987) My Friend Lost His Face (Demo) 
Sgt. Rock-(1987) March 1987 Rehearsal 
Sgt. Rock-(1987) April 1987 Rehearsal 


Scar 036-Twist Ending-Musica di Morte demo cassette 2014

Italian horror and giallo influenced death grind noise punk madness. 

Stevo from Impetigo, Vanessa from Wooden Stake, and Gregg from Lincoln Love Log join forces to conjure up some raw and blood-crazed horror metal. You've been warned... 

Stevo do Caix√£o – vokills, caos audio 
Gregg il Macellaio– all drums, violenza 
Vanessa Nocera – guitars, bass, carneficina 

Mixed and Mastered by Patrick Bruss.
Cover art by Putrid