(SOLD OUT)SCAR O18: Death Factory "Chilling Impressions" c-30 50 copies

Two 14 + min tracks dedicated to classic late 70's /early 80's grind house gore/horror/splatterfests. Industrial/atmospherics. This is a follow up to the double cassette box(Prophecy Of The Black Spider) released in 2009.

-Hand numbered edition of 50 copies.
-Dubbed on white and black chrome cassettes with color sticker facings.
-7.25 x 7.25 artwork housed in 7'ep sleeve bag with insert.

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$6.00(US) $9.00(ELSWHERE)



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"One of my absolute favorites, it perfectly blends epic industrial with grindhouse/horror films. Each side is a 15 minute drop out into psychosis, stalkers, serrated blades, blood splatter, cold dead eyes filled with hate staring at you over a back drop of analog sound effects, violent film clips, and stainless steel ambience that’s as much an ideal psychotic soundtrack as it is a psychedelic trip through a sadistic mind. Lately, I’ve been kicking back and revisiting my collection of the dark and wicked, starting with the glorious Navicon Torture Technologies, Sewer Goddess, fucked up black psyche, and the bleak and haunting drones of Yen Pox.
Side A: “Manifestation of Fear (Dedicated to Phantasm)” is a journey post industrial screech feedback and hum, there’s echoing metal clanking objects and basically that last intro paragraph is based on my sitting here tripping out on the weird and somehow soothing atmosphere of pure horror/sci-fi/psychosis that is Death Factory.
There’s no actual beats initially, then about halfway through, this bass tone stomp comes in and it fully develops gradually into this complex and disturbingly ugly is beautiful soundtrack to insanity. Throughout the track there’s this continual droning and frequency modulation that is hypnotic and cycles through to create a pulse of something disturbing lurking beneath the gray haze and among the decay. Make no mistake, this epic track is alive and thriving on the murderous tension that it desperately needs to release.
There’s also a ray gun effect here and there, and so much building and modulating frequencies over the course of the song that it literally consumes your mind as you experience it. It’s so simple and to many, dissonant, but to those of us who know what it is we can actually pick out melodies in the whirs and blurps and somehow the experience becomes this relaxing and mind expanding trip. This artist knows what he’s doing with sound!!!!!
Side B : “Feasting on Fear (dedicated to Anthropophagus”)
If your brain hasn’t been completed dissolved from side A, then you’re treated with this amazing analog horror film synth line and a few loops to add to the feel of 70’s Italian slashers, it’s like Tangerine Dream (Phaedra/Rubicon) stripped down. There’s lot of the feedback fuzz and screeches on the surface with this eerie echoing electronic loop that fades in and out and warps as it does so, but the thing that really stands out is the dimensionality in the composition, it’s seriously 3-D. The clanking and banging of objects in the background ring through as the mist of frequencies clear and cloud back over like you are almost zoning in to an image of someone or something beneath the layers. Toward the 11 minute mark the sonic fog thickens and the clanking becomes intensified, the whirs turn into echoing bomb blasts from a war in the distance, this pulsing hum brings you closer to that clanking and you feel as if you’ve arrived somewhere, a hidden bunker with rusted meat hooks and mildew and remains of victims you just heard being dismembered post-mortem…(clank)."

"Yet another great release from the No Visible Scars label. Somehow they manage to keep churning out some of the best death industrial that I’ve heard released lately and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With Chilling Impressions Death Factory presents two long tracks, each one “dedicated” to a horror film. Chilling Impressions is just that, an aptly titled release and hopefully not the last from this excellent project. Once again, the tape is packaged with 7″ sized artwork for that something extra that NVS is becoming known for. If you are at all a fan of death industrial it is mandatory to check out some of the release from this label, and heed Death Factory as well because this is some quality stuff here. Feasting on Fear which takes up all of Side B is dedicated to the film Anthropophagus which I am unfamiliar with. If I knew better I would guess that some of the score is sampled here because Death Factory makes for a very original sound with this synthed-out creeper. The atmosphere calls to mind creepy 80s horror flicks with a touch more industrial thrown in. An original and interesting twist on the Slaughter Productions sound which makes so much sense. The track is long and takes it’s time to unfold as it’s masterfully composed with subtle restraint. The only downside here is that the tape I received seems to have been recorded incorrectly because there is not much signal at all in the left channel. A tragedy because this material needs to be experienced in all its glory. It is the downside of the tape medium though.Side A presents Manifestation of Fear which is dedicated to the film Phantasm, which I am actually familiar with. If I had to choose though, I would say that Manifestation of Fear is far creepier than the film and much more intense. The track contains an unrelenting death drone and begins with subtle metallic shifting and eventually becomes a monolithic rythmic machine pounding the shit out of my eardrums. The sound is most easily comparible to Megaptera or Negru Voda but perhaps with just a touch more harshness, yet just as bleak."

"Nightmare industrial meets John Carpenter soundtrack. So i guess, if I am getting this correctly, that the artist here decided to make two pieces dedicated to some awesome 70's horror films. Not so much soundtracks but almost audio love letters. Still working in the noise/industrial world but with a definite sense of the time these films were made. Truly capturing a real sense of dread. Excellent work. There is a mountain of talent packed into this c30. Very limited but I think there is a few copies left. Packaged in No Visible Scars usual 7" sleeve."

"Deep, pulsating, factory industrial sounds that come in massive waves on one side, then washes of scuttering, bulldozing analogue frequencies on the flip side, with some '70s keyboard atmospherics mixed in "
Malignant Records

"Industrial/power electronics with fine atmospherics. 29 minutes of creepy music providing the soundtrack toyour scary movie nightmares." Hammersmashed Sound

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