SCAR 022: Reclusa/Degenerate Slug split c-60 50 copies

Reclusa is an abstract mix of doom, industrial, and ambient. A twisted, surreal take on Godflesh, Wormphlegm and Beherit.

Degenerate Slug is the new project from POISON TONGUE creator Paul Von Aphid. Influenced by Dissecting Table, Sleep Disorder, Swans, Abruptum, cheap wine, Goblin, Havohej and drugs.

Full color/black and white front and back covers plus insert in 6 x 9 re-closeable poly bag. Cassettes feature black and white sticker facings.

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"Reclusa is aberrant minimal sludge coalesced with a primitive Godflesh industrial flavor that’s as much a pallete wrecker as it is easy to ingest. “Penetrate” invokes an industrialized psychoti-delic ambience with a Skinny Puppy-like prodding drum machine backdrop that has that certain echoing stomp that’s distinctly mechanical and deliberate, while underneath flows fluorescent oozes of fucked up spoken words mashed up and melting along with hints of bassy synth and other basic electronic tid bits that’s fluid and sliming along like a nuclear fallout sewer. Every so often there’s also this great minimal synth/string overtone, some effect saturated vocal spews that are almost intelligible, and a documentary like sound caption of someone saying about “…an intelligent man that doesn’t believe in anything but himself…” “Life From Lifelessness” is more of an 80’s industrial foundation where the sounds/synth tones are very repetitive and basic, almost Kraftwerkish without the electro rhythms, but yet again there’s something more fluid and daunting slightly underneath that initial impression. The somewhat sludge/doom distortion of sounds like chords being drawn out and tortured serve as yet another piece of this interesting puzzle. You start out expecting this analog synth, horror soundtrack style then suddenly it tweaks and morphs into something slightly more aggressive and unique while doing two things: Leads you with blackened eyes down a rotting primrose path into a pit of horror that at first seemed like something familiar and almost “normal”, thus adding a bit of spice; takes simple and traditional industrial/electronic fundamentals and creates something that is exceedingly complex underneath as it unravels like a basilisk around your neck. The minimal use of vocals and vocal effects, lack of traditional melody or even attempts at creating any, and the way the tracks just unwind like some alien/cyborg version of 70’s-early 80’s horror film soundtracks being heard in a sedated and hallucinogenic state just completely wins me over. If you like the weirder side of kraut rock, Throbbing Gristle, and the analog electronic soundtracks to classic horror cinema you’d be well advised to check out Reclusa, especially on this release (other times Reclusa can be more metallic and vary with each release).

Degenerate Slug delivers an innervating dose of power electronics and almost danceable industrial. “Are You Receiving” which proudly boasts a thunderous mechanical percussion rhythm that makes you want to start smashing things and pounding your fist, but what there’s also this power electronics screeching whir over the top and unpredictable pauses in everything for the raspy vocal interrogation of “Are you Receiving?”. It’s still somewhat reminiscent of early industrial and electronic music with horror/supernatural themes, but definitely sounds modern and shows that depth and creativity still exist in the electronic realms raped by neo-goth/rave/club feces for the last 10-15 years. Degenerate Slug would be ideal for a Friday/Saturday night in a bar made to look like a giant meat locker complete with S&M imagery and weird videos. Stainless steel surfaces, meat hooks, fog, and a temperature kept below room temp for a nice chill. “Deranged” is the standout DS contribution on here, as it’s not only infectiously rhythmic but the vocals are spoken industrial style rants of a psychopath with a sense of humor, “La la …la la la… I’m deranged…”. It’s like a Hannibal Lector quote warped and looped into a pseudo-psychedelic anthem, it’ll have you addicted and high faster than crack, and laughing hysterically at the same time.
“I Smell the Stench of Your Menstrual Blood at My Fingers” speaks for itself, seriously sick and debauched stuff here. If anything DS has done on here is guaranteed to make you squirm from discomfort it’ll be this one and only due to that title phrase being repeated throughout the four-minutes of post-modern horror menagerie of electronic sounds. Seriously, whether you like industrial or not, this split ,as do most of NVS releases, truly redefines art in the audio sense and is one for those who can appreciate the horrific, trippy, unusual, and classic at the same time. It’s damn near impossible for me to turn this one off in favor of anything else once I put this on, and THAT’s a huge statement to make publicly, so let it be known…”Hi my name is Janet and I’m an NVS addict!!!!!"

"Split cassette from Reclusa and Degenerate Slug. Reclusa sounds fucking impossible- and I mean that in a good way. Doom influences the industrial/ambient noise mix here. Really excellent. And Degenerate Slug has a pretty obvious Dissecting Table influence, which is always a good thing. Another excellent cassette that you must have."

"Crude but compelling sounds emanate like clotted blood from both sides of this split cassette. On the Reclusa side, the five tracks come across like a twisted venture into surreal, devolved sounds influenced by the more clanking parts of early Godflesh and (really) early Beherit -- pounding machine beats, murky sonic textures, pained vocal bleating, and howling, reverb-heavy slo-mo tornado guitar create the perfect mix of lo-fi necro black metal mating with first-wave industrial grindcore. Between the Recluse's psychotic vocalizing and the gruesome sludge wafting around the spooky keyboards, this is pretty unhinged stuff very much on par with Beherit's initial stabs at audio demoncy, only with more precision. (Of course, given the messiness that is early Beherit, this is hardly a difficult feat.) On the flip side of the tape, the diseased sounds of Degenerate Slug aren't any nicer; the liner notes helpfully lists influences including Dissecting Table, Abruptum, and Swans, among other things, and these things, I am happy to report, are all entirely true. The Abruptum influence is particularly prominent, especially on the first track, "Are You Receiving," which sounds like a Swans track playing back at half-speed on a warped tape deck. The tracks that follow -- including one with the absolutely swell title "I Smell the Stench of Your Menstrual Blood At My Fingers" (which also happens to be the track most obviously influenced by Dissecting Table) -- are big on grinding, clanking percussion, debased sonic stinkiness, and other forms of vile ugliness. As tasteful as a bloated corpse in your driveway but far more entertaining, and limited to 50 copies."

"Happy New Year! Some say that in 2012 the world will end.
OK, no problem, we are used to “Armageddon” here. And to end properly this year and start equally properly the new year with “heaviness” and “nastiness”, well, I couldn’t but think to anything more sick and heavy than Reclusa, for me one of the most crushing bands around.
I discovered this one man band from USA via Crucial Blast Records that released the debut album The Anticonscience, simply killer.Another excellent underground label, NoVisibleScars, released another output by this awesome band, In The Throes Of Seclusion, the split with another killer maniac, Degenerate Slug.Mamma mia! “Reclusa is an abstract mix of doom, industrial, and ambient. A twisted, surreal take on Godflesh, Wormphlegm and Beherit. Degenerate Slug is the new project from POISON TONGUE creator Paul Von Aphid. Influenced by Dissecting Table, Sleep Disorder, Swans, Abruptum, cheap wine,Goblin, Havohej and drugs.”Both bands variably explore the gloomy territories of doom + sludge + black + industrial +electronics + noise + total darkness. As often with this cool label, this split release is in form of limited edition tape (50 items) in cool, unusual package with full color/black and white front and back covers plus insert in 6 x 9 re-closeable poly bag. The tape can be bought via the Bandcamp page of the label for a ridiculous amount of money and it comes with a top quality digital version, even in FLAC. This is a tape to have and these two bands are definitely new poles of incredibly sick and twisted heaviness for the coming year … Keep well, stay heavy and do support bands and labels and the underground! \\m//"

SCAR 021:UR-Clandestine Meeting Park c-30(limited) c-60(single sided) 50 copies

***Limited 15 copies on c-30 clear yellow chrome tapes.***
Rest are single sided c-60 black chrome tapes.
Full color front and back covers plus insert in 6 x 9 re-closeable poly bag.

Ur is a three-piece, out of Italy, born in early 2005 as a collaboration between Federico Esposito, Mauro Sciaccaluga and Andrea Ferraris. Their music is mostly based on free improvisation and its sonorities can't easily be described without referring to the well-known and wildest experiments of Industrial music of the late '70s / early '80s , but also to the psychedelic kraut-rockers of the late ‘60s / early ‘70s. Drones, samples and layers of electro-acoustic noisescapes coming from objects, field recordings, analog and traditional instruments processed using a load of pedals and effects: the sound ends painting a solid, harsh and dramatic industrial lounge where archaic instincts and modern obsessions meet. To use the words of a sound engineer after one of their live sets: “…it all sounds like early Pink Floyd on acid...on muriatic acid”.


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(Includes immediate download of 8-track album)

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"Ur is an Italian trio and work together mostly through free improvisation. Side A begins with some singing bowl hits and some some distorted feedback and distorted guitar enters in a free form, a-rhythmic droning fashion. Pretty spooky industrial/doom aesthetic going on here. Its loud and noisey but not too aggressive, still quite ambient and languid. Things get a bit more rhythmic and in unison displaying some nice group work as a trio. Side A also concludes with singing bowls only as well. Side B features some layered static and industrial haze, this time with some muddled spoken word in the mix. The a-rhythmic quality is maintained, getting increasingly noisier and distorted."

"I have been familiar with Ur for awhile. I was attracted to their subtle dark drones and have been hoping to hear something new from them. This release is an excellent example of their work. Fans of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Sunn0))), Klaus Schultz, and maybe Nurse with Wound will find something they love hear. Very dark and grim sounds throughout these two tracks. Distant drums and faraway scraping adds texture to some deep horrific drones. Vocals sound like a desperate mob. This is the soundtrack to a hopeless life. Pure emptiness and sorrow await you. Limited to 50 copies and it's a shame. This will go fast. I guess there is a even more limited version of 15 copies you can seek out if you are fast. "

"Here is the latest effort from Italian ambient/noise heavyweights Ur. With a handful of releases now under their belts they are fully prepared to bring it and on Clandestine Meeting Park they do just that.
Ur come from a unique angle; they merge ritual ambient with industrial elements to form an interesting mix of styles and one that is not very much explored by other noise acts. This is a one-sided 60 minute tape and it kicks off with beautifully resonating Tibetan bells that slowly morph into a more death industrial approach. The industrial elements slowly leak in presenting distorted synth drones and clanging metallic percussive elements yet always leaving a lot of space. Finally chugging noise loops overcome, yet we are briefly lead back into some subtle ambience before the end of track one. The second track is a bit more cacophonous with seething ambient noise as the base. Textures fade in and out, minimalist rhythmic elements accompany. Finally things come together nicely representing a chugging death industrial loop very much reminding me of Brighter Death Now Clandestine Meeting Park is yet another solid addition to the Ur catalog and one that shows progression. There’s something that makes this recording just a touch tighter, more hard hitting, and more subtle in the details than their previous work."

"I’m not one for making blind swings in mid-air unless I’m three-sheets to the wind and even then not so much, but here I can with the assumption that many of you reading this have a diverse taste in audio (for shit’s sake if you like METAL, then you’re pretty open to many amazing and dense sounds), so please give this one some thought. UR gives you two EPIC electronic tracks that can only be described as a complete droid/hyperspace futuristic deconstruction of classic electronic from the 70’s. It’s so mechanical, sterile, stoic, and mockingly neo-classical that it almost makes me think of a very stripped down Brighter Death Now and In Slaughter Natives with none to very minimal vocal bits. The first endeavor, UR-I is a non-vocal psychedelic journey reminiscent of say Cosmic Jokers, Damenbart, Throbbing Gristle, and maybe a slight hint of some Faust and Cluster circa their monumental ambient drone psyche album “71” where they simply mimicked synthesizers with basic sound equipment and guitar feedback. Where many ambient, dark ambient artists continually go into dense and drifting fog, UR maintains a very percussive and, although clanking and plummeting at a strained pace, the overall effect if very militaristic and hypnotic. It’s almost like controlled chaos, which makes no sense until you experience it, and once you DO you’ll never turn back. Where the hell Bill finds the stuff he does, is his secret, but regardless of how it’s the end result of ear and consequently mind obliteration that really matters, so whether new or veteran to some of this stuff it’s a safe bet you’ll shit your pants over this stuff!!!!!""