(SOLD OUT)SCAR OO8: -Subklinik "Musik For Dekomposition" C-30 100 Copies

-Never before released full length recording.
-Mastered and pressed on c-30 black chrome 24Cr tapes. First 50 copies come with exclusive acetate cover design(see last picture) and 11x17 poster of front cover artwork.
-Inspired by: Reality. Death, darkness, isolationism, sickness, perversion, cold. Atrax Morgue, MB, Korpse Korpses Katatonik, Mauthausen Orchestra, Brighter Death Now.
-Available: 80/100 copies.
-Price: $8(US/CANADA/MEXICO) $10(Rest Of World). $1 more for Paypal. Price is postpaid.


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SUBKLINIK continues to create some of the darkest death-industrial / necro-soundscapes in existence. SUBKLINIK has released many substantial recordings throughout the years that are either sold out or extremely hard to find. Electronic terror from the darkest depths of the mind. There is NOTHING beyond death...


PT.I:PT.II - 7" - Waggletone Records

Unearthly Graves - MC ltd to 30 copies - Hour Of 13 Productions

Unearthly Graves - T-shirt - 12 white - Hour Of 13 Productions

Feasting On Souls - 2xMC ltd. to 100 first 30 w/ medical instrument - Slaughter Productions

Cremator - CD - Slaughter Productions

Dawn Of Desekration - CD - Live Bait Recording Foundation


Insights of the Profane - comp CD - MaKahru Dist.

Tabula Rasa - comp CD - Tabula Rasa

Premonitions Of Death - CD - Slaughter Productions

Death Invokation (Ritual Pt.II) - CD ltd to 20 copies in slipcase - AssertiveAktionUSA

Cremated Graves - CD - ltd to 100 copies - Katatonik Produkt

Musik For Dekomposition - T-shirts - 12 black / 12 white - Katatonik Produkt

Rare Remains - CD - ltd to 20 copies - Katatonik Produkt


Morgue - T-Shirt - Katatonik Produkt

Musik For Dekomposition - CD - ltd to 50 copies - Katatonik Produkt

Musik For Dekomposition - CD - Overseas issue by Fall Of Nature

Unearthly Graves - CD - Reissue ltd to 50 copies - Katatonik Produkt

Black Kommunion - CD - tracks from The Abominari comp ltd to 50 copies - Katatonik Produkt

Korpororz:Induztrial - CD - New recordings showing a progression/regression of the SUBKLINIK sound into a more minimalistic and organic source. Still very much SUBKLINIK! Out in March 2010 on Katatonik Produkt.

"Never before released full length recording from Subklink, who create some of darkest, most morbid death industrial/necro-soundscapes in existence, as inspired by reality, death, darkness, isolationism, sickness, perversion, cold, Atrax Morgue, MB, Korpse Korpses Katatonik, Mauthausen Orchestra, Brighter Death Now. Lo-fi, unsettling, and ultra grim, this immediately takes me back to the early-mid' 90s and the heyday of the Slaughter cassette scene" JASON(MALIGNANT RECORDS)

"Browsing the forum boards a couple of weeks ago and found the cassette "Musik For Dekomposition" being advertised. Troniks / I Heart Noise forum board thingy. Something struck a chord in the sub conscious and I put pen to paypal and ordered a copy. It was whilst going through some LP's a couple of days back that I realised that I had a Subklinik track on the "Natural Order" compilation set thatStateArt put out in 1997. (White Box copy). Damn good track too - so that information must have been sat there in the dark recesses of....for 13 years and the name pops up again.
Research time. Subklinik is the project name of Chad Davis (what is Chad short for)? from Mass. USA. The cassette (a one-sided C30) comes packaged in a 7" single sleeve with a transparent cover. Reminded here of the Controlled Bleeding cassette "Distress Signals" that Broken Flag put out in the mid 1980's. Infact the whole package has a sense of mid 1980's. Style and content. All "C"'s are replaced with "K"'s : "Extraktion Procedure" + "Final Dekomposition" as exhibit A + B. Back in the mid 1980's I flirted with a couple of solo projects / releases as A:A:K + The Streetcleaner. "D.M.P.K. - Dead Meat Packaging Korps" being an album title of The Streetcleaner with "Konvulse Kontrol" + "Produktion" being a couple of tracks. It was a sign of the times. S.P.K. and Nekrophile being shining lights to us all back then. Even Michael DeWitt gets a "thanks" in the credits on this release.
It is good stuff. It is damn good stuff. All the sounds, the dark swirling electronic sounds come from 20+ year old machines. It created a fog whilst I was listening to it and it all ended too soon. Apart from a couple of Zero Kama reissues I have nought from theNekrophile catalogue anymore, this is a great reminder of those days. (1985/6). Strangely European for an American - file alongside Praying For Oblivion"