(SOLD OUT)SCAR O07: OVER "OVER" C-15 25Copies

OVER is project by an NVS supporter/customer. An un-announced CDr and a Polaroid picture of a bed in an attic(?) arrived in the NVS PO BOX last fall just with a note asking for release consideration. I sat on this release for awhile, contemplating releasing it. The music(sound) is a pretty simple and lo-fi repetitive heavy electronic track looped. No vocals per, more like spoken word. Actually, more like spoken word "confessions". 15 mintues of emotional outburst, detailed intimate "family" sexual encounters, self hate etc. In a lot of way's reminding me of Buyers Market. When I asked the individual behind OVER for more insight into the project the response was "I'm OVER it, the events that took place and what I described, I needed to get these things off my chest". “This is the real deal, I lived this shit, my voice”. “It ain't taped/sampled off TV shows and HBO documentaries”. I haven't heard from the OVER individual in months, but if your somehow reading this. I've taken you up on your offer of releasing it. Hope you like!?

$6.00(US/CANADA/MEXICO) $8.00(world). Price is postpaid. Info and how to order at novisiblescars@gmail.com. *DO NOT PAYPAL ME AT THIS ADDRESS* Please! Make contact and I'll provide you with my paypal addrress.

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"Fans of death-industrial should take note of the tape by OVER. spoken word over a cold synth loop. content is confessions of teenage fighting, masturbation, being accused of molestation... definitely something you actually have to LISTEN to. the label's descript is dead-on. RECOMMENDED" Keith Brewer(Taint/Mania)

"The first of these two releases is very obscure. According the No Visible Scars website the release by Over is by a supporter/customer of the label. Fifteen minutes of music/spoken word, although its hard to say what's about, but according to the website (again), its ""confessions". 15 minutes of emotional outburst, detailed intimate "family" sexual encounters, self hate etc". Now he's over it and behind it. Well, alright then, so are we. I couldn't say I particularly enjoyed it, but it wasn't bad either. Highly obscure, from every possible angle: that's for sure" Vital Weekly (FdW)

"I kinda want to give this a 3 rather than a 2 but i am torn. When I first put this on I was instantly into it. A super dark and lonely drone that seemed to fill the whole room with dread. I was getting ready to start taking notes but then all of a sudden some samples came it. A man was recalling his childhood in short bursts of edited samples. Talking about being a kid, going to Toys r us, jacking off and molesting. Maybe it's my age or even my exposure to a lot of this stuff in the 90's (I don't want to admit how many times I listened to Buyer's Market by Peter Sotos as if it were music) but I think this doesn't really effect me anymore than making me a bit bored. The music on this release is excellent and right up my alley; super bleak and dark. When you add the samples over the top I get the feeling you want to force me to feel deep dark emotional torment and it becomes a bit contrived. Turns out the samples are not taken from another source. These are the artist's own confessions. That does make this a bit more interesting but sonically I still have the same issues. I think if I listened to one side of the tape and it was just the music and the other side was just the samples it would have been way more effective. That's the other thing. This tape is one sided. It's not exactly a deal breaker but you really need to go ahead and repeat the program on side B. Packaged in a 7" bag with a pretty grim photo on the cover though. Limited to 25 copies."

"So the story goes, Connecticut’s NoVisible Scars, a DIY label that peddles in severly limited extreme metal and noise cassettes, received an unsolicited CDr through the post in late 2009 from a previous customer hoping to be considered for release. It was accompanied by a single Polaroid picture of bed in an otherwise unfurnished room. The contents of the disk were very minimal: for almost 15 minutes a single bleak, lo-fi synth wave extends and pulsates broodingly while a male American voice slowly describes short episodes from his childhood that include sharing sexual experiences with his brother in the attic room of his grandparents’ house – presumably the one depicted on the Polaroid. The label pondered its release for a year and finally decided to make 25 copies available.
The qualities of the sounds on this cassette place it firmly in an old-school industrial vein. Like countless tracks before it a taboo subject is frankly conversed over cold electronics. But the key difference with ‘Over’ is that the voice incorporated does not seem to be sourced from exploitative television documentaries or late night chat radio shows designed to appeal to the prurience of its public, rather it is, more simply, a self-confession.
The voice is clearly distressed with occasional sobbing and is not presented clearly in the minimal mix, perhaps by design as it encourages concentration to fully grasp each word as they slowly form their few regretful memories.
Before releasing it the label asked for more information on the track and got the answer "I'm OVER it, the events that took place and what I described, I needed to get these things off my chest". Whilst it’s understandable and reassuring that this cathartic exercise helped its creator to an extent, it’s unclear what the rest of us are supposed to do with it. Of course, a genuinely unsettling feeling is achieved, particularly upon initial inspection as events first become clear and you hear how much the speaker hates his brother as a consequence, but it’s not the more lascivious episodes that unsettle the most, it’s the highly personal and intimate nature of the admissions.

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  1. bummed.I'd been recording noise under the name Over for a while.