(Sold Out)SCAR 011: Fornicator- "Demo 2000" C-25 100 Copies

"Portland's kings of sleazy violence are unleashed once more! 10 years after recording their 2000 demo it is finally being released! Ain't NOBODY heard this except 5 people.... 14 songs, 1 unreleased and even more classic samples" Fornicator was formed in January of 2000 in Portland, Oregon. We recorded this demo at our rehearsal space on a 4 track as a 3 piece in April of 2000 and soon after that added 2 more members, played a party that Odin was at and was then signed to Moribund Records. With the exception of a few people no one has ever heard this demo and this is about as raw and heavy as it gets. 14 songs, 3 unreleased and with different samples. ENJOY.
Rob Fornicator 5/2010

Fornicator "Demo 2000" Re-mastered and for the first time officially released. Mastered on pro manufactured and imprinted(chrome C25)"prion clear" cassettes. Complete with 1 sided 4 panel layout pro printed on glossy stock paper. Demo repeats on both sides of the cassette. Hand numbered out of 100.

More samples at the:

Brutalbands.com had this to say about Fornicator’s 2002 self titled cd from Moribund Records:
“Intense rapist grind. Highly recommended for all you murderous grindcore freaks!”

More recent interview with Rob Fornicator: http://www.theseattlesinner.com/fornicator.php

***Joint release withVaginal Apocalypse Productions out of Maryland***

$6(US/CANADA) $8(world wide).Post-paid. Accepting cash, money order, and payapl.

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Fornicator - Demo 2000 (No Visible Scars Label)
By Janet Willis

"No Visible Scars comes through yet again with this sexually sadistic grind/raw early death metal porn release. For those who want Mortician with T&A and full on XXXX ratings and the grotesque and brilliant brutality in lyrics and sound of Autopsy will HAVE to score a copy of this release!!!!! ALL of the lyrics are raunchy and completely obscene…cocksucking, fucking, gang rape, an overly horny dog, golden showers (urinating on people without their consent), fecal fetishes, and so many more are indulged in on this release. I’m only halfway through and am honestly in pain from laughing my ass off.

This is an absolute MUST have for the fans of the raw, brutal, exploitation, and the purely perverted: Mortician, Autopsy, Mental Funeral (the band) fans especially take note. Nothing will amuse you, thrash and kick some ass, and either amuse or thoroughly offend others around you like this one will. It’s even better than the tapes that I had as a teen that we’d play to offend the neighbors when they were walking by the house coming home from work or walking their dogs/kids: one was a bunch of cuts recorded from the adult channel that was always scrambled but we could still here the whole thing, and the other was of a guy taking a huge crap complete with farts, pissing, and grunts; thankfully this one is actually something worth listening to on its own as it completely shreds and rips. You haven’t heard sleaze until you’ve heard Fornicator!!!!!! Folks like this make me feel better about my diseased mind and help me to wallow in filth even further. With the holidays coming up, you couldn't pick a better gift for the adoring perv in your life, this one has sent me over into the top for the last few days since I got it and I will unveil to a few stoned friends and unsuspecting coworkers this Friday for the ultimate test, especially for the one who couldn't make it through "Pink Flamingos" wit
hout pausing it for a break every five minutes"

"I’m quite strange. When I think about American Death Metal, usually I don’t think about Death, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse or even Autopsy (Satan bless them). My first thought when I hear the words USA and death put together is surely about likes of Frightmare, Lord Gore, Blood Freak and Whore. All these projects share the mighty Maniac Neil on guitars and, let me tell you, I really love that man, but Whore also features Rob Fornicator on vocals. That man is a fucking sicko. He is probably one of the sickest minds in the scene and I think his works are all drenched in an unholy bucket of piss/pus/menstrual blood/sperm/filth/ebola virus/vomit/shit/whatever, giving to each song Rob made a recognizable reek of sleaziness and vulgarity. Back in the days I used to buy Metal Hammer (forgive me, I was young) and on an issue it featured a review of the infamous Unfinished Business by Whore, dismissing it as crap not talking about music but just stopping at the cover art. It was the first I’ve ever sent a mail to a magazine complaining about how stupid and unprofessional they was and I was even featured on the next issue! Whore was the first band I started fighting for, so I was really tied to it. Now it’s time for Fornicator and I’m pretty honoured to give this demo a review. The career of the band was quite short, with only a split EP with Meat Shits and a full length, which is dismissed by the only review about it on Metal Archives as pure garbage. I don’t know about it, but this demo is REALLY good. If you want your death metal to be original, progressive, technical, philosphy induced or full of ancient populations references, I think you’ll receive a huge blast of “fuck you” from this tape. This DEMO 2000 was recorded, guess it, in 2000, with a three-piece line up featuring Rob Fornicator on vocals, Stroker Ace on guitar and bass and Sexy Necrodeziac on drums. Their style was pretty intense, reminding me a lot early Pungent Stench, which is also covered with their classic Just Let Me Rot. Fornicator’s death metal is pounding and relentless, with the rhytmn session in full front, featuring very good drums and a great taste in bass picking. The song structure is really simple, with straightforward composition and easy to remind and brutal guitar riffs. Just like the bands from Maniac Neil, Fornicator doesn’t focus on technique or intricate songwriting, but prefers to put its effort in an intense and well balanced death metal, with predictable but catchy hooks and headbanging inducing approach to drum sections. Vocal wise, good ol’ Rob sticks to a guttural growl that enhanches the sick and twisted porno concept of this demo, with his menacing and filthy throat bursts. I have also to say that the production is very good and, even if it’s a demo, this tape can display a great sounding bunch of songs that wouldn’t be out of place on a full length album or, maybe, on a collection vinyl (this is a wish, anyone out there?). I’ve preferred to keep the gem for the end, but you will find on this tape and AMAZING version of Running Wild classic tune Under Jolly Roger. When I’ve read the tracklist I was expecting a joking version but what I’ve got is a great sounding and really humble cover of one of my all time favorite classic metal tune. Surely pirates were fornicators, so I think the song can fit very well in the concept too! This tape is limited to 100 copies and comes with great silk screened tapes and a professionally printed, great looking, inlay full of infos."

Co-released by No Visible Scars and Vaginal Apocalypse Records.

Huge thanks to Bill from No Visible Scars for the tape!

By the way, it’s Xmas night here and I’ve thought that reviewing Fornicator’s demo was the best way to salute all these hypcorite values and fake smiles….

"Over the past few decades multiple studies have been written about the effect music can have on a person's mood. Songs can inspire a person to sing, dance, laugh, cry or share a tender moment with a loved one. While the soulful tunes of Barry White can lead to an evening of tenderness and romance, the hate fueled down tuned old school death grind of Portland's Fornicator lead to an evening of violent ass fucking, fish hooking, tit slapping, tea bagging and throat gagging brutality.

The band's sole studio effort, a self released full length album released in 2002 on Moribund Records, was one of the most punishingly violent albums ever recorded, featuring 28 tracks of violent down tuned destruction. With a thick meaty guitar tone with simple catchy riffs, skull thumping drum beats, inhumanly deep vocals, twisted artwork and lyrics that resemble the insane rantings of a deranged sex offender, the release quickly became one of my all-time favorite albums and one that has received countless plays on my stereo, much to the chagrin of my neighbors.

Fornicator formed in early 2000, and shortly thereafter the band recorded a 14 song demo on a 4 track in their rehearsal space. Inexplicably this early recording never saw the light of day, as only a small handful of people actually heard it and the material was never formally released... until now. A full decade after the demo was recorded NoVisible Scars Records has stepped up to give the material a formal release in the form of a traditional demo cassette, hand numbered and limited to 100 copies.

The material contained on Demo 2000 is exactly what you'd expect from a bunch of violent misogynistic scumbags; violent, angry and disturbing. The songs are short, violent, angry and unpolished. Best of all, the thirteen tracks that were later re-recorded for the full length contain new audio samples and there's the bonus of a previously unreleased track, a cover of Running Wild's “Under Jolly Roger” included on the release.

The song structures are virtually identical to the polished full length effort, there isn't a vast amount of difference between the two recordings stylistically, but there is a huge difference in terms of production. The studio material has a much thicker and meatier guitar tone and the vocals are much more clear, the rehearsal demo material is a lot more fuzzy and raw.

This demo was released strictly for diehard Fornicator fans and will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoyed their full length, or any of vocalist Rob's other bands, namely Murder Basket and Whore. While I did greatly enjoy this release it still pales in comparison to the crushing hate of the full length, but, then again, everything pales in comparison to the band's self-titled release. I'll still definitely listen to this demo long after this review is completed, it's definitely worth dusting off the old tape deck to give this one a listen, just don't listen to it while trying to have a romantic evening with your significant other because it will only lead to torn buttholes, asphyxiation and an appearance on America's Most Wanted. Rape up"

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