(SOLD OUT)SCAR O15: Elders Of The Apocalypse "The Law of Iron" c-25 100 copies

Apocalyptic Holocaust Metal along the lines of Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Black Witchery and old German thrash!

AVAILABILITY*** novisiblescars@gmail.com

Elders package: 7.25 x 7.25 covers/insert housed in a 7'ep re-sealable bag. Mastered on pro manufactured and imprinted(chrome)white cassettes.
Album repeats on both sides of the cassette.


"Ok, let’s go back to middle 80′s, in an era made of sweating thrasher with long hair, denim vests full of patches or leather jackets and flying V guitars used without shame. Take three of those fuckers, dress them like a county medieval fair and force the trio to watch Conan at least 30 times in a row. What you will got is the prototype of what twentyfive years later will become Elders Of The Apocalypse. Let’s check the names, Sadistik Slayer, Plague Bearer and Bestial Tormentor. Ok, you can figure out that we are talking about some dirty, smelly and gore drenched war metal! Blasphemy, Black Witchery and also a bit of Bewitched are all smeared on a strong pattern of music taken directly from the deep and dark woods of the rural Germany. Kreator after Flag Of Hate? POSERS. Post Mortal Way Of Live Sodom? SHIT! If you approach this tape with that spirit you will surely LOVE what you are going to hear. Pounding and berserking induncing drums, faceripping fast guitar shreds and earth shaking bass smashes. Vocals are stuck to a deep bark, resounding like the screams of hate of a horde of mercenaries swarming through a battalion of orcs. There’s no originality here, not even a single pound, but Eleders Of The Apocalypse shouts its personality strongly, without letting the enemy pass. You can listen to this album without noticing that, but each song is a nice mix of old school classics, or you can deepen your listenings craving for solos, nice bass lines or amazing sound samples, everything drenched in a deep swamp of lo fi loving and overall messy production.Plague Lords and Spell Of Desecration are little gems of battle metal and ending the album with the cover version of Blasphemy’s Atomic Nuclear Desolation is really sweet. I’m not a big fan myself of this kind of music, even if I really love some of the bands that inspired it, first of them being early Sodom, but I’ve quite enjoyed The Law Of Iron, even if I think it can grow boring very fast if you are not a big fan of thrashing warmonging metal. I think that’s mainly a genre’s limit instead of being band’s bad, so I won’t throw down Elders Of The Apocalypse for the genre they’re playing. As for Blessed Offal, this pro printed tape is released in a very good looking 7″ layout, so it can also be a nice addition to your collection.Extra point : being raised among metalheads who thought modern epic metal is great, I’m always happy when I see bands like Elders Of The Apocalypse who can talk about that subjects without sounding weak, plastic-made or, simply, laughable."

"Shake your fucking preconceptions off. If your poor-witted self was quick to pin this American trio as European power goofballs just because the cover artwork of The Law of Iron looks like the low resolution print out of a Manowar B Side, shame on you. We, hammerers of hammers, advise you not to exercise such poor judgment. Elders of the Apocalypse could easily crush De Maio and bros. Yeah, they are down one man and as far as their pic reveals, they pack no muscles and may have never even come near a gym in their lives, but fuck if their riffs are killer. Fuck, if the speed of their music doesn’t tramp every power metal anthem…ever… and fuck if, if their beyond chaotic tunes don’t show any disregard for all the laws of metal. Those who have never come near grass may remember the day when Slayer was first revealed to their ears. Doubts as to the manpower capable of flexing those muscles arose in more than one and when it came for solo time, Hanneman and King were ace, basically inventing the art of the desperate solo; imitated by many, perfected by none, and abused by all those extremists who couldn’t shed a melody even if they copied it note by note. Not to say that Elders of the Apocalypse sound anything like Slayer. Not at all, well, maybe a little, if only Slayer were a grind combo. That’s, mmmhhh, not to say that Elders of the Apocalypse are a grind band. Not at all. The Law of Iron is very much metal. From the name of the band to the monikers of the members (Sadistik Slayer, Plague Bearer, Bestial Tormentor), to the cover artwork and the title of this their first effort, these eleven cuts scream destruction and massacre, blackness and darkness, chauvinistic power and abusive might. Elders of the Apocalypse are metal even if your turn them inside out and you bath them in pink chocolate. Their songs crush so violently and move forward so abusively that they simply transcend the genre and evolve into something else entirely. It is thrashy and blackened and if the sound wasn’t so thin I’d say they roll down a mountain like a boulder. This reeks of putrefaction and seems to worship some of the highlights of Canadian metal history. Canadian lords Blasphemy, whose under a minute classic ”Atomic Nuclear Desolation” gets covered here, are prime example. No one with a love for life would declare them non metal, but the speed with which the cymbals crush and the shapeless blur that is every riff borders on the edge of punk and grind. As such, most songs deep down uncontrollably, attempting to take it to the next level. Achieving perhaps nothing that has not been achieved already, but adding ten originals and one cover that’s some of the wildest shit these ears have ever been graced with."

"Thrashy black war metal from Tennessee's Elders of the Apocalypse. Despite the cheesy-looking cover, this is actually pretty good. An all-out assault on humanity and everything peaceful. Chaotic, aggressive and over-the-top loud. Everything you can want from this style of metal".http://hammersmashedsound.blogspot.com/

"This one’s been on play with me for a few weeks as it perfectly captures the chaos, frustration, nihilism, and full on need to release aggression. The sound is raw, filthy, and sends a call to us from back in the early brutal thrash scene, it fits in so nicely with my current obsession, Sodom’s classic “In the Sign of Evil”, old hate fueled Kreator, and maybe even a rawer, cruder early incarnation of warmongering violent metal acts like Black Witchery. Whatever the hell it is, it’s mean and sheds oceans of blood in its path. The cassette overall, as with the labels inspiration, reeks of oldschool demo and it’s damn near impossible not to tear the roof off listening to it. Lots of promise shown here, Elders of the Apocalypse is a force to reckon with, so approach with caution. Absolutely essential for those who still love their metal fast, furious, spiteful, violent, and
perfectly lo-fi!!!!! "
— Janet Willis, HellRide Music

"Take one look at the cover of this cassette-only release and you might get the idea that this some sort of Manowar-style cheese metal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is some very raw and bloody black/death/thrash hybrid. So raw, in fact, that if you decided to eat it, it could probably give you some sort of food-borne illness. Even reading the liner notes is a little misleading, because it says this was “produced.” Well, it doesn’t sound produced, and that is part of the charm. It just makes the noise on display here all the more uglier and crazier, like the band just decided to put their demo out and really not give a fuck.
Still, there is much fun to be had here. This will definitely scare your neighbors or your more evolved metal-loving friends, but fuck them. I mean, this is something Fenriz should big up on his blog, because judging from his tastes and his many interviews, he loves stuff that sounds like a demo. Well, here you go, buddy.
If this sounds like your cup of black vomited bile, then pick up a copy really quick, because as with most cassette releases, it’s in an ultra-limited batch. So I wouldn’t sleep on this one. The address is below, and, yes, it’s from Connecticut. Surprise, I bet you didn’t think stuff like this existed there, but it does."
Thomas Pizzola(Verbicide Online)

"You would think with a name like ELDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE we would have total BLASPHEMY worship by these guys, but no. We have some touches and flourishes of those ultra violent canadians BLASPHEMY with the utter violence and ferocity of "Illusions" era SADUS; the attitude, not the sound; it's more of an ANGELCORPSE like concoction that is quite on the spot and deadly. ELDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE do not fuck around. You want lush pretty and breathtaking, go elsewhere. Ok wait, actually ELDERS OF THE APOCALYPSE are breathtaking in the sense that they take your breath away by killing you. There's an all around sense of insanity around these guys: the drumming, guitars and vocals insanity. But controlled. To a point. They are aiming carefully their fire, at you! The cassette is full of utter ferocity. Everything is about ready to derail at any given moment but verily they do keep it together and attack us, ruthlessly, mercilessly. This is something you must listen to. And the fact that it is available exclusively on cassette, this is a record label after my heart! For when all true Metal heads are vinyl freaks, I am a cassette freak! Oh shit and let us not forget all the some would say "cheesy" intros from sword and sorcery epics like "Conan the Barbarian" and I believe "The Law of Iron" a spaghetti sword and sorcery copy of Conan (I think). Gotta love that shit too! Get this! Hail and kill but in a fuckin violent unholy ANGELCORPSE / BLASPHEMY vein. More info at www.myspace.com/eldersoftheapocalypse,www.myspace.com/novisiblescarslabel"
Luis M.L. Sallard(Voices From The Darkside)

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