Vestal Claret sold out "Lost Loved Ones EP" FREE DOWNLOAD!

Download the sold out "Lost Loved Ones EP" plus bonus covers tracks
for free! Special permission granted by Phil Swanson(Vestal Claret) to circulate this EP once more, this time via a free download with the inclusion of unreleashed cover songs!

-Final farewell Vestal Claret recording.

-Features the vocals of Phil Swanson(Upwards of Endtime, Seamount, , Hour of 13, Briton Rites, NightBitch)

-Anti-Christian, Occult, Satanic heavy metal.

-This EP features the material which was planned for the split vinyl LP with Hour Of 13th. Re-mixed and mastered and pressed on c-52 red chrome 24Cr tapes.Exclusive to this free download are 3 covers songs from: Thelema, Skin Yard, and Lubricated Goat.

-Orignal tape release was October of 2009. Limited to 100 copies and packaged a Vestal Claret 1' pin and 4X4 patch

NightBitch "Sex And Magic" EP cassette coming in September through NoVisible Scars! Free promo download here:

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