*** These bootleg tapes are not NVS releases!!! These are items I received in a trade. Very limited qualities on hand. Once these are gone I'm not sure I can even get more. I don't think there is another distro carrying these!?***

*** All tapes are total DIY style that come housed in a 6X9 clear re-closable bag with artwork(front and back) printed on heavy colored card stock. These are not re-mastered editions. Again these are BOOTLEGS from original tape sources.***

Classic Mercyful Fate live bootleg show from 1984 from Chicago, Illinois meets vintage 1987 live bootleg show from King Diamond playing Long Beach, California. Decent to pretty damn good sound quality. Audio dips here and there, the King Diamond side starts off 2 minutes into the first track "The Candle". Other than that no complaints. Worth it alone to hear a pissed off King scream at audience about flying beer bottles being thrown at the band! Copied on pro white 90 minute cassette. Tapes feature black decals and packaged in a 6X9 clear re-closable bag. Pro done artwork printed on heavy white glossy paper. In addition 2 inserts are included( one being an old interview from 1983). 25 copies on hand. $9(world) plus $1 for Paypal. Price includes postage. DO NOT ORDER UNTIL YOU EMAIL novisiblescars@gmail.com for availability and ordering info(paypal preferred). SOLD OUT

One of the best black metal tape comps of all time circa 1993! Diabolical Netherworld Vol II. Featuring only demo/ep material from Corpse Molestation, Zemial, Pagan Rites, Dungeon, Rune Magic, Rancid Christ, Grand Belials Key, Carpathian Forest, Mayhem, Monumentum, Thou Art Lord and more. Quality of the tracks vary but over all the comp has a total old school lo-fi demo sound quality just the way black metaluse to and is suppose to sound. Dubbed on pro white 92 mintue cassettes. Includes original tape cover with track listing and band contacts plus a double sided mini poster of the orginal ad for Diabolical Netherworld on one side and the other ad's/flyers from various early-mid 90's black metal bands. $7.00/per in North America, $9.00/per rest of world. Price is postpaid. SOLD OUT!

3 stand out and influential US 90's Black/Death acts(Profanatica, Order From Chaos, Nepenthe) on one tape! This bootleg really captures the feel and essence of the time. Really good live/reh/demo lo-fi sound on 92 mintue pro white cassette that repeats on both sides. Also included is a mini zine with old interviews with the said 3 bands. No song titles but doesn't matter to the "true" fans of the bands. Nepenthe reh is only one song. $7.00/per in North America, $9.00/per rest of world. Price is postpaid. SOLD OUT!

Odd pairing but it works! Bootleg of unique satanic/occult/evil early 90's black metal from Israel(Acheron Gates), Italy(Brisen), and the Czech Republic(DAI). Acheron Gates display an early Impaled Nazarene style. Brisen play a simple yet effective mid pace black metal ala early Marduk mixed with Venom. DAI is totally strange black/thrash that calls to mind the early great works from Amon, Root, and Masters Hammer. Good lo-fi demo quality sound dubbed on pro white 92 mintue cassette. Repeats on both sides. The first DAI track sound wise starts off rough but is fine other wise. Included are 2 Archeron Gates stickers. $7.00/per in North America, $9.00/per rest of world. Price is postpaid. SOLD OUT!

Classic mid 90's Greek Black metal bootleg! Featuring Vorphalack(Demo 1995), Agatus(Reh from 1994 featuring a cover of Absu's "The Thrice Is Greatest To Ninnigal") Nar Mataron(Demo 1996 featuring vocals from Vorphalacks Lord Alatoth). Good lo-fi demo quality sound dubbed on pro white 92 mintue cassette. Repeats on both sides. Original demo covers for Vorphalack and Nar Mataron included. Agatus song list not included. $7.00/per in North America, $9.00/per rest of world. Price is postpaid. SOLD OUT!

Whore live show DVD from 2004. Over 30mins of brutal death/grind with good picture and sound quality. One of the last Whore live shows! Whore featured Rob Fornicator(Murder Basket, Disciples Of Hate, Fornicator), Neil Smith(Blood Freak, Frightmare), and Shad(Engorged). $8(Everywhere). Price is postpaid

Mental Funeral 5.5. Interviews with: SKULLHOG, TRAPTHEM, PROFANATICA, TRANSCENDENT DEVICE, AXEGRINDER(unpublished from 1989), ATRAX MORGUE(unpublished from 1997), ROB FORNICATOR(Murder Basket, Fornicator, Whore). SOLD OUT!

COC #2. 1997. Last Copies!

***Distro items are stocked in limited quantities! Act fast if you see something you want. Send a message with items you'd like. NVS will get back you with a total(including postage, where to send the money and or whom to make money orders out to). Paypal, cash and money orders are accepted. Trades for distro items will be considered, please write first! novisiblescars@gmail.com***

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