(SOLD OUT)SCAR O10: -Profanatica "The Years Of Pestilence" C-60 100 Copies

-The Years Of Pestilence 7' release is a previously unheard rehearsal from the band's early days and officially licensed with permission from Paul Ledney. It is limited to 313 hand-numbered copies with blank labels and inserts. 50 copies come with a pin and 2 gig flyers

This is an unreleased compilation of reh/live tracks from 90/91. The tape version of the recent sold out 7’ of the same name plus extra tracks that didn't make it on the ep. 100 copies manufactured on black chrome tapes with dark red ink lettering in addition to a special insert of Profanatica "cum rags". The songs themselves while being cleaned up a bit and edited for this release are un-mastered to retain the raw and authentic sound of the particular time period in which they were recorded at.

-Price: $10(US/CANADA/MEXICO) $12(Rest Of World). Price is postpaid.


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Hells Head Bangers:

"Profanatica may just go down in history as one of the most infamous bands in black metal. Its members may not have killed anybody or may not have killed themselves in some accidental ‘ritual’, but if you Google one of the scarce interviews floating in the interhole you may find one of the most candid photos in black metal history. Dudes are not only covered in blood (nothing out of the ordinary for black metal), but are also out in their birthday suits with their wieners hanging out for more comfortable ventilation. Who can blame them? It must have been hot as fuck.

The Years of Pestilence is a five-song compilation of unreleased rehearsals and live material from the early days of the band. The cassette version is out through No Visible Scars and it includes plenty of bonus tracks. It is limited to 100 copies and comes with a black ‘cum rag’ to avoid all sorts of sticky situation. Fanatics of this American institution may find that rather useful. They literally get a boner every time something by Profanatica gets released so getting a hold of The Years of Pestilencemay have been cause for ejaculation, in which case, the cum rag comes really handy.

The audio quality varies greatly. As it is stated by the label, the audio has been cleaned up ‘a bit’ but not enough as to erase all traces of crudity. Trying to get past the mud and the static that seems to permeate every second of this recording, what we have is ultra primitive black metal the way it was done back in 90/91. Not many black metal bands sound like this today. Oblique riffs that evade melody with the skills of a criminal and that accelerate to substandard speeds for today’s standard velocity, varying tempos shifting awkwardly, sloppy and steady drumming and necrotic vocals dominating blasphemy which when not spewing hate totally going‘aaarrgghh’.

The Years of Pestilence is far from essential listening. However for the USBM enthusiast, a tape like this is an absolute must. If not for the muddy sounds, at least for the very handy cum rag."


"Along with “Disgusting Blasphemies Against God”, the awesome cassette label No Visible Scars also just put out “The Years of Pestilence”, a previously unreleased compilation of rehearsals and live tracks form 90/91 which are un-fucked with to maintain the original sound of that era, I’d like to say virgin form as they are un-remastered and just moderately edited, but Profanatica has nothing virgin or clean about them. The ultimate in depravity, perversion, blasphemy, and brutal low-end heaviness has arrived!!!!! Listen and prepare to have your brain warped by this band like a mature case of Syphilis would."

Janet(Metal Maniacs On-Line).

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CT sleaze rock from members of Ipsissimus and Hour Of 13

A taste of whats to come from the forthcoming 5 track debut demo on NVS. Coming soon! 100 pro done copies with a limited run of 36 copies leather bound.